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This page will present the fleet of Fearnley & Eger AS., Oslo


This website will try to present the Norwegian Merchant Fleet from the years 1850 and up to 2020.


I am a 55-year old man who started in Wilh. Wilhelmsens Rederi, Tonsberg in 1981 as a cook-apprentice. Been working in employments in connection with the Maritime Life ever since.

I have been with shippingcompanies like Wilh. Wilhelmsen, Olaf Pedersen's Rederi, Bergesen dy, Norgas (I.M. Skaugen) and Star Shipping. Since 2001 I have been working as an agent for China Shipping Container Lines, and as a Freightbroker for Air and Seafreight.


The Norwegian Merchant Fleet have through "all" times been well known world-wide, and  today the Norwegian Fleet is one of the most spesialized in the world. There have been hundreds of small and large companies, and I will try to present some of the on this site.


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